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[ag国际厅环|HOME字母表发音 Learn German Pronunciation - Alphabet] In this video you will get to know the alphabet and the general pronunciation of the German language.Besides the alphabet we will also take a look at how to pronounce:- ? (like "ai" in English "fair"), - ? (kinda like "o" in English "word")- ? (say a long English "eeee" and while doing that, form your mouth to say "you". It should be kind of in the middle of the sound of "ou" in "you" and the long "ee")- ? (basically a double "s", sounds in general a bit stronger than the normal s)and combinations such as:- ie (English "ee")- ei (English "i")- eu (English "oy")- ?u (same as "eu": English "oy")- au (like "ow" in English "wow")- sch (English "sh")- ch (two different pronounciations, watch the video and try again and again)NOT MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO:"qu" is pronounced like "coo" in English "cool". The Q basically never really stands alone.
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